Saturday, June 28, 2008

A New Blog Address for A Blog Friend

Whismsy Wishes has a new blog address and wants you all to know where it is. You can find it on my list of "Where I Like To Visit" below, or here If you haven't visited her yet, please do. Her blog is so cute!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lisa's Altered Art Giveaway

I came across this great source for images recently and they are just adorable!
Whimsy Wishes is hosting a giveaway for Lisa's Altered Art , so you don't want to miss entering this one! Whimsy Wishes is an adorable blog!! So go visit her now and don't forget to sign up!!!

We went to Flagstaff, Arizona last weekend to cool off a bit! It is sooooo hot here now! summer finally hit! It's been about 115 degrees the last few days, forcast for this Sunday is 118!! Oh yea! It's more than hot!! It's COOKIN!!
Flagstaff was nice though! We went downtown and walked around. Went into some antique shops and thrift stores!! Found a few things. Will post pics later.

I won a giveaway from Connie at Living Beautifully I won a precious clothes pin bag that I just can't wait to see in person!!! She sells her things at her blog La Maison Rose Beautiful stuff and terrific prices!! And what a sweetheart!

Ok, better go get some work done!!


Monday, June 16, 2008

A Happy Father's Day Weekend

Hope everyone had a great Father's Day weekend! We did! On Father's Day we got together with all the kids and grandkids at my daughter's house and my son in law bbq'd hamburgers and hot dogs. We had some yummy peppers and chicken wrapped in bacon!! And a bunch of snacks and then chocolate cake and banana pie!!! Oh yea, I am feeling like quite the huge pig today!! I didn't hold back one little bit!! It was all sooooo good! The grandkids had a great time playing in the water and on the slip and slide. Fun! fun!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday, Sunday

Well, it is Sunday. My man is getting back today from a motorcycle ride he went on with a bunch of his buddies. I missed him alot, but have to admit it is nice sometimes to have the house to myself and watch all the chick flicks.

Had a nice weekend. Friday I received my giveaway package from Cupcake DD!! How fun! So after that great start, I eent to see my oldest grandaughter do her cheers after her cheerleading camp she went to. she was so cute!! She is 7 and the highschool cheerleaders put on a little camp for the younger girls. She just had a blast!
Then I went out to eat mexican food with my daughter and son in law and their kids.
Friday nite my daughter and I and the oldest grandaughter got burgers and fries and got all the craft stuff out and played for most of the evening.

Saturday morning we went garage saleing.
Didn't find much. got an old record album book full of old albums. So I am intending on altering it. I have alway wanted to alter one of those. So I am excited about finding that! And I got an old Edgar Alan Poe book. I'm not really into his stuff but it was too good to pass up and I'll find something to do with it!!

And I watched 6 chick flicks!! Yes, 6!!

But now I am ready to see my man!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Beautiful,Beautiful Screen Pages From Karla & Beth's Vintage Birds & Bonnets Swap!!

Wow! I am so happy to have received my screen from Karla & Beth's Birds & Bonnets Swap!! The pages are sooooooo pretty! What an awesome job these girls did! And I couldn't believe how fast Karla & Beth got them mailed out!! They did such a beautiful job of selecting which ones to put with which and putting them all together!! This was really such a fun swap and the first of this type for me.

We went to a wedding reception for our friends who got married at Viva Las Vegas. Ok, so the reception was rockabilly themed to go along with the VLV wedding theme. So, since our dresses for the wedding and trim on the guys jackets were leopard, and the reception was done in red,white and leopard, (which by the way was just so much fun!), I just had to wrap the presents to match.

I was really happy with the way they turned out.

Oh my gosh! I also won a giveaway from Cupcake DD !! What an adorable giveaway prize it is too! She participated in the Cottage Charm Giveaway that Kim from the Twice Remembered Cottage hosted. I am so glad to have found all the great blogs and shops that I discovered thru this! I spent WAY too much time visitiing blogs and shops in the last week!! Oh well, gotta do what ya gotta do, right!?