Monday, November 26, 2007

Won a Giveaway!! And Swap Pics

I am such a lucky girl!!! I am one of the lucky people to win an awesome collage packet from Melissa at The Garden of Pink Shadows!!! I am just so excited! She puts together such awesome, beautiful things!!

I will post some pics finally of the swaps I received lately. I got some awesome packages!!

The first one is the swap package I received from Raesha for the October Sweet Goodness Sister Swap.

And the next two are of the November Sweet Goodness Sister Swap, also from Raesha. She makes the most adorable swags/banners!
We had a great Thanksgiving! Hope everyone else did too!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Few Pictures To Share

I finally took some time and uploaded some pictures to my computer. Now I just need to get them printed! My husband keeps reminding me that he hasn't seen any of the pictures I have taken in who knows how long!!

But anyway-- here are pictures of just a few of the goodies that my sister gave me while we were back in NJ for the wedding. This was a few things that were at the top of the box. I still haven't gotten the time to sort thru it all and put it away. So , I will try to take some more pics when I do.

The first picture is one of her quilt hanging patterns she sells. The pine tree one. I have always loved it. I just love the little angel troll in the last picture. I loved my troll dolls when I was little. Guess I still do.

I received my swap package from the Vintage Stocking Swap!! I got all kinds of goodies from my swap partner all the way from Australia!! These are a few of the many things she had tucked away in the stocking. She made the little snowflake ornaments from a vintage necklace that was her grandmother's!! Aren't they precious? So many cool things!!

I will try to post some more pics soon. Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good To Be Home

Back from New Jersey and had a fabulous time!! The wedding was so nice and my niece was such a beautiful bride! The bridesmaids looked beautiful too (my gorgeous daughter was one of them!) Had a great time visiting with my awesome sister and brother in law!! Wish we could have stayed a day or two longer, but it was good to get home. Missed my man!! Oh, and the fall colors were soooo beautiful! My sweet sister loaded me down with a bunch of trims, fabric, etc. to bring home!! I am so excited to use it all!!
This is a picture of my daughter and myself in my sister's back yard.
Sent my stocking off to Australia for the Vintage Stocking Swap this morning. I will post pics as soon as I know she has recieved it.