Monday, February 25, 2008

Finally-- Some Pictures

Finally-- I am posting some pics. Most of these have been on my camera for a while. I still have to take some pics of the giveaways that I won from the OWOH event. I received A very pretty journal from Joanne at
"ad libitim" She has a fun blog to check out!

And I also won an awesome little heart box with a darling charm and little pretties in it. Won that from Mary Ann at "Follow Your Bliss" I have been enjoying her blog for quite awhile now. The whole OWOH thing was so cool. I found so many fun blogs that I never would have known about !

OK- so here are the pics!

These are some vintage postcards that I picked up at a new antique store in town. And I also got the Anderson's Fairy Tales book there. I just love them!

Here is the beautiful box I received from my swap partner Sarah in the Sweetheart Box Swap. Isn't it pretty? And look at all the great things she put in it! So pretty! Can't wait to use everything!

And look at all the cool old vintage buttons I got from Charming Designs I am a button collector big time, but I have to admit that I love the roses she painted on the envelope the best!! If you have not visited her blog, you most assuredly should. I really love seeing her new creations. Her little birdies are just the cutest!!

This is my first weaving that I am proud to show off. I kept the edges straight finally! Thinking of making a purse out of this one. I just love the shades of green in this hand spun yarn. Wish it showed up better in the picture.
And my little grandaughter fell asleep clutching these flowers! Precious! Wish you could see it better, she is wearing an adorable little top that my daughter made for her out of a vintage pillowcase in the the prettiest pale pink! I'll have to take some more pics of that later and post.

Isn't this a great picture that my daughter took of the double rainbow we could see from our front yard?!
I mailed my swap package off to my swap partner
in the Pretty Little Nest Swap this morning. Hope
she likes it! It was a fun swap!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!! And I Won 2 of the OWOH Giveaways!!!

Today was my 51 st birthday. I had such a great little get together with my family! I am just so incredibly thankful tonite for such a great family! I have been truly blessed!! My husband of 32 plus years is the greatest! Don't know how I got so lucky! And my daughter and son are so awesome!! And I have a great son in law and a great daughter in law!! It is so great when your kids are all grown up and you see that they turned out to be all that you ever hoped for them and more.!

My daughter made a delicious coffee chocolate trifle dessert for us! My daughter in law made yummy spaghetti! Should have taken pictures of the trifle! It was really too pretty to eat, but we did a good job of it anyway!! All 4 of my little grandkids were over. What a great birthday! That's what life is about!

I am way behind in posting and REALLY way behind in posting pics!! So I will try real hard to get some pics up soon of the pretties that I got for my birthday and -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I won TWO of the OWOH giveaways!! How fun! I will post pics of these and the latest swaps I have been in. ******* PROMISE!! SOON!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blog & Giveaway Heaven!

Wow! There are some awesome giveaways going on right now. One you really need to check out is this Easter basket giveaway at:

I just realized it is part of the One World One Heart event! If you haven't already checked that out, do. It is so awesome and I have found some of the coolest blogs through this!! Yes, I have been pretty much glued to the computer lately looking at all these blogs!! How fun! Anyway go to this site to check it all out:

I would have loved to have joined in on this! But I will be away for part of that week . Oh well, next year!!


Sunday, February 3, 2008

I Gave In!

Ok! I gave in and joined a swap! Well, I had to. It's a nest swap!! I really was going to take a break. I swear I was!!
This swap really does sound like fun though. Don't you think? You make a nest and embellish it , about 4-5". Anyway,Heather at Speckled Egg is putting it on. I just love visiting her blog!

Well, that's all for now!