Thursday, December 20, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and an awesome New Year!
Wow! I haven't posted in a long time!! Shame on me!
I do believe I am just about ready for this Christmas now. Just waiting on a couple of presents that should arrive today. Took me awhile to get going, but ok, once I got started , I got it done!!
I just found out about a really super great giveaway. Check it out at : put on by Neer an Dear Creations and designs. Please let her know that I sent you!

Also Brenda's Little Cottage at: She is having a really fun giveaway! Funny!!

I am not posting any pics today. But I have been saving up. So soon I will get some more posted.
Anyway--- Have a fun Christmas!!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Won a Giveaway!! And Swap Pics

I am such a lucky girl!!! I am one of the lucky people to win an awesome collage packet from Melissa at The Garden of Pink Shadows!!! I am just so excited! She puts together such awesome, beautiful things!!

I will post some pics finally of the swaps I received lately. I got some awesome packages!!

The first one is the swap package I received from Raesha for the October Sweet Goodness Sister Swap.

And the next two are of the November Sweet Goodness Sister Swap, also from Raesha. She makes the most adorable swags/banners!
We had a great Thanksgiving! Hope everyone else did too!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Few Pictures To Share

I finally took some time and uploaded some pictures to my computer. Now I just need to get them printed! My husband keeps reminding me that he hasn't seen any of the pictures I have taken in who knows how long!!

But anyway-- here are pictures of just a few of the goodies that my sister gave me while we were back in NJ for the wedding. This was a few things that were at the top of the box. I still haven't gotten the time to sort thru it all and put it away. So , I will try to take some more pics when I do.

The first picture is one of her quilt hanging patterns she sells. The pine tree one. I have always loved it. I just love the little angel troll in the last picture. I loved my troll dolls when I was little. Guess I still do.

I received my swap package from the Vintage Stocking Swap!! I got all kinds of goodies from my swap partner all the way from Australia!! These are a few of the many things she had tucked away in the stocking. She made the little snowflake ornaments from a vintage necklace that was her grandmother's!! Aren't they precious? So many cool things!!

I will try to post some more pics soon. Hope everyone has an awesome Thanksgiving!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good To Be Home

Back from New Jersey and had a fabulous time!! The wedding was so nice and my niece was such a beautiful bride! The bridesmaids looked beautiful too (my gorgeous daughter was one of them!) Had a great time visiting with my awesome sister and brother in law!! Wish we could have stayed a day or two longer, but it was good to get home. Missed my man!! Oh, and the fall colors were soooo beautiful! My sweet sister loaded me down with a bunch of trims, fabric, etc. to bring home!! I am so excited to use it all!!
This is a picture of my daughter and myself in my sister's back yard.
Sent my stocking off to Australia for the Vintage Stocking Swap this morning. I will post pics as soon as I know she has recieved it.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

A Wedding

No, not mine!! I'm an old married lady of 32 years!! One of my beautiful neices is getting married next weekend and my daughter and I are going together to the wedding in New Jersey. Actually, my daughter will be in it. So I'll be taking alot of pics. I am really looking forward to going to the wedding, and especially going with my daughter! We are going to have so much fun!!!
I've had alot going on lately with my Dad, but things are better there.
I've been trying to get some work done on my swaps. Working on my November Sweet Goodness Swap now. I've pretty much finished with the Vintage Christmas Stocking Swap. That was fun.
A Halloween party last weekend and another one this weekend.
Lots of things to do, but it's so fun putting costumes together (I love Halloween!) and getting ready to go to New Jersey! I get to see one of my sisters!!
Well, that's all for now.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nice Surprise At The End Of A Tough Day

I recieved the nicest surprise yesturday at the end of a pretty tough day. It was a day of going back and forth for tests for my Dad and with his fractured back it was pretty hard on him. Not a fun day. But I was soon surprised by a wonderful package from Sondra at My givaway prize came and really made my day!!! Thank you so much Sondra!!! Everything is so awesome and obviously made for me!! That was so thoughtful and nice of you! I really love everything. I can't wait to try out some of those mexican recipes! My husband is gonna love that! MMmmmm,with a cold margarita!! He doesn't drink, so I 'll have to have his!! So, today I am trying to catch up on some housework and get ready for my oldest sister to come see me this weekend . Her youngest son is coming too. We also have about 4 birthday parties to go to this weekend! I guess it will be a long weekend -- but alot of fun!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Holiday Things

It is really starting to feel like the holidays are near. I just love it! I've been working on my holiday swap stuff and having alot of fun with that. Thinking about gifts for the grandkids, that's always fun! But along with the holidays comes the other things. You know , like the things you HAVE to do, instead of the things you WANT to do!!! There have been alot of those lately.
My Dad has a compression fracture in one of his vertabraes. So his back has been giving him alot of pain. He hopefully will be able to have a procedure done to make it all better. But till then-- well, it's a little stressfull. He is living alone. Has help that comes in every day, and that helps alot. But I sure will be glad when he is better.
I got a new camera! I'm still learning how to use it, but I can't wait to see if it takes better pics, I really need it to. I'm not a very good photographer!!
I bought my husband a beeeeeautiful knife for his birthday from a fellow Etsy seller . The name of his shop is "Bullseyenam", and he does awesome work!! I gave it to my husband 2 months early, I'm so bad! But I just couldn't wait!!
That's about it for today.
Have a great weekend!

Monday, September 24, 2007

I Won! And It's Finally Cooling Off.

I won! I am so excited!! Sondra at had a giveaway and I won!! Thanks Sondra!! Please take a look at her blog when you can. She is a sweetheart and has a great blog.

It is finally cooling off here in the desert! We had rain on Saturday morn and I was loving it! Saturday nite we went to my daughters and watched UFC. Great fights! I know, I'm weird, but I love the cage fights. Not to be mistaken for WWF or whatever it is!! I'm talking MMA, cage fighting. The real deal. We've been following it for a long time now, and yes, I'm hooked.

I finally got to work on the baby quilt for my new grandaughter. I messed up and had to rip some seams out, or I probably would have been almost done!! Hate it when that happens!! Oh, well. I am trying my hand at the scrap quilt thing. Got some pretty little pink prints in Durango when we were there. Hope it turns out! I'm not much of a quilter.

I made some new pins to sell on my Etsy shop.
I'm really starting to feel like its fall now.
Been working on my swap stuff. Fun!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Answers to Questions for Sweet Goodness Swaps Holiday Sister Swap!!

1. Favorite Color: Green
2. Chocolate Lover? Milk, Dark, White, or none of the above? Any Chocolate, not so much White.
3. What is your favorite craft hobby? Felting,Beading,Paper Stuff,Knitting,Sewing
4. What is a craft/art hobby that you would like to start? Leather Tooling
5. What craft do you NOT have an interest in or just not great in ( so your partner doesn’t send something you wouldn’t use)? Can't think of anything
6. Do you have any allergies? (we don’t want to send anything with peanuts if it’ll make you blow up like a balloon!) Sunflower Seeds
7.What’s your favorite part of Halloween? Decorating, candy eating, costumes, or something else?Costumes , Decorating
8. Do you decorate for Thanksgiving/Fall? Yes
9. December Holidays--what holiday do you celebrate? ChristmasWhat type of decorations do you like to put up in your house for that holiday? Vintage, Things that are special in my family
10. Do you have any children, if so what are their ages, boys/girls? A Daughter -31, A Son -29
11. Do you have any pets, if so what kind? A Turtle
12. Are you a reader? Yes If so, what type of books do you like? Novels, I love Janet Evonovitch( read all the Stephanie Plum Series ).
13. Are you celebrating a birthday or anniversary in October, November, or December? No
If so, what day and what is the occasion?
14. Do you collect anything? Yes If so what type of things do you collect? Pretty birds, especially Robin's, Nests, Bird Eggs, Vintage Aprons, Vintage Postcards, Cool Vintage things
15. What type of things do you like to cook? Mexican Food
Are you an appetizer person, cookie maker, dessert freak or a take out type of person?? All of the above
16. What is your favorite scent? Rain,Grass,Florals,Honeysuckle
Is there one that you can’t stand? Patullie ( I don't know how to spell it??!!
17. What’s your favorite song? I have alot of them! I love blues (not jazz), and country
18. What’s the last movie you went to see at the movie theater?Good Luck Chuck, We go to the movies alot!
19. What’s your favorite Candy? Reece's Peanut Butter Cups,Reece's Pieces
20. Tea or Coffee or other? I'm just getting into the hot teas, I like the oranges and tangerines alot. Caramel Machiattos.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Oops! Forgot to tell ya!

Oops! Forgot to tell ya about the giveaway at
Make a comment and tell her I sent you and we are both entered to win! She has a great site too!
Also check out Sondra's blog She is having a giveaway also. You will love her blog!

I'm A Grandma Again!!!

My son and daughter in law had their 2nd baby girl on Monday!! She is precious,of course!! This will probably be the last grandbaby. My daughter and son in law are through too. So we have to REALLY spoil her!! I have been very busy as you can imagine. My dad hasn't been doing too good lately and has needed some extra care.

I signed up for 2 new swaps, so I can't wait to get started on those.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Back To The Heat!

These are pics of the swap package I sent to my partner for the Seasonal Sister swap. Very fun!
Well, I got to cool off for a bit, but now it's back to the heat! We just got back from beautiful Colorado and it was awesome! We rode the motorcycle and we took some bicycle rides along the river. Hung out with friends. Much needed R&R! Then we came back to Arizona and OMG!! Well, it had cooled down some since we had left---- but it was still in the 100's. It was 109 degrees when we pulled into town!! Much better than the 120 when we left!!

I did get to go to some thrift stores and antique stores while I was there. Fun! And a cool yarn store that had all the great bulky yarns I love! I will post pics later of some of my finds.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Back from Texas

Well, we are back from Texas. Went to see the in-laws and had a great time. Good to be back home though. I missed my grandkiddos!! It was very humid there! But it is very HOT here!!
Worked on my Seasonal Summer Sister Swap stuff today. Had fun! Got to play for the first time since before we went to Texas. Can't wait to send it off and I hope my partner likes everything!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Tussie Mussie Swap Sent

My partner for the Tussie Mussie Goody Swap received her tussie mussie, so I will post pics now. I was really hoping she liked it, it was the first one I had made. It really was fun. I really want to make more now!! Some of the pictures of the others that have been posted are sooooo beautiful!! There is so much talent out there!
I wanted to make something cool for the new baby before the shower on Saturday, but just haven't had the time. So I will try to make something before she is born!!! She is due September 15th.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost ready!

Ok- I'm almost ready for the shower. I have to glue the labels I made onto the water bottles and a few more last minute things. Whew!!

Then I can start working on the Seasonal Simply Summer Sister Swap. We are suppose to be assigned our partners on the 2nd of August. This should be a fun one! I have a few more projects I want to work on too.

I went to an antique shop here that I had never been to, and found some cool things. Found a small suitcase in really good shape, a Samsonite, Some blocks, one has a sail boat on the back, cute! Also found this piece of sheet music and these bridge tallys, one of the tallys has a drawing that someone did on the back, of a woman's face. And I got this lighter for my husband, he collects old lighters. The last pic is of another little thing I made for the shower, one of those fortune teller things we all use to fold and make when we were kids, I did it in pink and white and am going to put some candy and nuts in them.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Finally getting some baby shower things done!

Finally-- I'm getting some things done on the shower! Have my lists all done and the gifts pretty much put together, just need to wrap them. and today I finished up the favors. I made small pink tussie mussies and covered the edges with white glitter,then put little silk bags with bath soaks inside, and ribbons to hang. We are going to have a raffle for those who bring diapers, so the raffle prize is a picture box (really cute little polka dot one), with all kinds of goodies in it.I wrapped it with some hand dyed gauze and tied it off with some ribbon and white feathers. Hope they like them!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Tussie Mussie Swap

I joined the tussie mussie swap! Sounds like fun! So I'm excited to get started on that. Also, joined the Seasonal Simply Summer Sister Swap. It's still in the sign up stage though.
I am also helping out with a baby shower for my daughter in law. So I'm trying to come up with some ideas for that. It's a girl, so we get to do the pink thing! So00---- lots of things to work on and have some fun with!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

My new flower pins

These are my new flower pins I've been making. They are for sale on my Etsy shop.Sold my first set today along with a flower pot pin cushion!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Getting Started

I finally started this blog! First time at doing the blog thing. How fun.