Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Almost ready!

Ok- I'm almost ready for the shower. I have to glue the labels I made onto the water bottles and a few more last minute things. Whew!!

Then I can start working on the Seasonal Simply Summer Sister Swap. We are suppose to be assigned our partners on the 2nd of August. This should be a fun one! I have a few more projects I want to work on too.

I went to an antique shop here that I had never been to, and found some cool things. Found a small suitcase in really good shape, a Samsonite, Some blocks, one has a sail boat on the back, cute! Also found this piece of sheet music and these bridge tallys, one of the tallys has a drawing that someone did on the back, of a woman's face. And I got this lighter for my husband, he collects old lighters. The last pic is of another little thing I made for the shower, one of those fortune teller things we all use to fold and make when we were kids, I did it in pink and white and am going to put some candy and nuts in them.

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