Thursday, October 4, 2007

Holiday Things

It is really starting to feel like the holidays are near. I just love it! I've been working on my holiday swap stuff and having alot of fun with that. Thinking about gifts for the grandkids, that's always fun! But along with the holidays comes the other things. You know , like the things you HAVE to do, instead of the things you WANT to do!!! There have been alot of those lately.
My Dad has a compression fracture in one of his vertabraes. So his back has been giving him alot of pain. He hopefully will be able to have a procedure done to make it all better. But till then-- well, it's a little stressfull. He is living alone. Has help that comes in every day, and that helps alot. But I sure will be glad when he is better.
I got a new camera! I'm still learning how to use it, but I can't wait to see if it takes better pics, I really need it to. I'm not a very good photographer!!
I bought my husband a beeeeeautiful knife for his birthday from a fellow Etsy seller . The name of his shop is "Bullseyenam", and he does awesome work!! I gave it to my husband 2 months early, I'm so bad! But I just couldn't wait!!
That's about it for today.
Have a great weekend!

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Sondra said...

Your father will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully your package will arrive soon and bring a smile to your face!