Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Good To Be Home

Back from New Jersey and had a fabulous time!! The wedding was so nice and my niece was such a beautiful bride! The bridesmaids looked beautiful too (my gorgeous daughter was one of them!) Had a great time visiting with my awesome sister and brother in law!! Wish we could have stayed a day or two longer, but it was good to get home. Missed my man!! Oh, and the fall colors were soooo beautiful! My sweet sister loaded me down with a bunch of trims, fabric, etc. to bring home!! I am so excited to use it all!!
This is a picture of my daughter and myself in my sister's back yard.
Sent my stocking off to Australia for the Vintage Stocking Swap this morning. I will post pics as soon as I know she has recieved it.

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Natasha Burns said...

sounds like you had a ball Karen! Love to see the trims your sister gave you!