Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!! And I Won 2 of the OWOH Giveaways!!!

Today was my 51 st birthday. I had such a great little get together with my family! I am just so incredibly thankful tonite for such a great family! I have been truly blessed!! My husband of 32 plus years is the greatest! Don't know how I got so lucky! And my daughter and son are so awesome!! And I have a great son in law and a great daughter in law!! It is so great when your kids are all grown up and you see that they turned out to be all that you ever hoped for them and more.!

My daughter made a delicious coffee chocolate trifle dessert for us! My daughter in law made yummy spaghetti! Should have taken pictures of the trifle! It was really too pretty to eat, but we did a good job of it anyway!! All 4 of my little grandkids were over. What a great birthday! That's what life is about!

I am way behind in posting and REALLY way behind in posting pics!! So I will try real hard to get some pics up soon of the pretties that I got for my birthday and -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I won TWO of the OWOH giveaways!! How fun! I will post pics of these and the latest swaps I have been in. ******* PROMISE!! SOON!

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