Wednesday, April 1, 2009

A Few Garage Sale Finds and a Grapefruit Happy Face

I had every intention of going to a bunch of garage sales last weekend. There have been so many lately because of the economy, I guess. I only managed to go to one which was an estate sale. I went fairly early and they were still putting things out. They told me they would be putting things out all day and let me take a look in the house at all the stuff they still had to get to. Oh my gosh! The house was filled with old stuff. Unfortunately I went back later and they had some friends watching things for them and nothing else had been put out!!! Bummer!

Oh well, I did find a few things that I was excited about. I love this old aluminum Christmas tree! All the branches were there! Nothing missing!! And--- it was in the original box!!

Also found a glass fishermens ball (I guess thats what you call them). And these hand crocheted little jumpers, all done except for putting the buttons on. And a crocheted little sweater that is very tiny. think I will give it to my grandaughters for their baby dolls. and some ribbon bias tape.

I never made it to any other sales. But I did make it to a thrift store that I had been wanting to go to since it opened. I found this fabric and trim. I have been planning on making the grandaughters some summer dresses and tops, so this will be perfect for that.

There is a restaurant that we go to quite often. I usually order grapefruit for breakfast there. One of the cooks there usually makes my grapefruit look a little more fun for me. What a guy! This is one of the happy faces he created for me. Some have been a little naughty and very funny!! It does make having my grapefruit while watching my husband eat a big yummy chorizo omelet a little more enjoyable!!

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