Friday, June 5, 2009

Busy Times

I don't know why - but it seems like when our work is slow, I am just as busy or busier than ever in the office and running errands. Weird! Anyway- work IS slow, and I HAVE been busy lately. Of course, part of the reason is that my son just graduated from the police academy!!! Yes, he did!! and I just have to brag! He is officially a police officer now! He took home 3 out of 4 awards! That's my son!!!!I am so proud! So, we had some relatives come into town to go to the graduation. And then we had a graduation party to put together. Fun!
So now things are kinda back to normal and I am back to the gym regular and trying to catch up.

Haven't been much in the creative mood lately, so I haven't made a single thing lately. Except for I did make a photo album for my son. I covered it with a rough looking piece of leather and put pictures of him as a baby and growing up. Some of when he was grown and with his little girls and wife. turned out good. Didn't get any pics though!

I am really in the mood lately to finish my long drawn out process of redoing my craft/xtra bedroom. Maybe I will get something done on it now that the company is all gone.

Have a good weekend!

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