Monday, August 11, 2008

I Love Aprons!

Ok, so go sign up to win a sexy little apron over here
at Confessions of an Apron Queen. The aprons are from at Carolyn's Kitchen. Oh, my! they are too cute!

Had a good weekend. Not too exciting, but fun. Nice Italian dinner Friday nite. Pizza and the UFC at my daughter and son in law's Sat. nite. A movie (The new Mummy one) and got some crafting done. Finally got some of my old grapevine wire in and got a couple of nests made and some eggs felted. So I have one little nest pincushion done and ready to list on Etsy. I'm gonna try to get it listed this afternoon, and maybe another one finished and listed if I'm lucky!
I also got my button card packaged up and ready to mail today for the Vintage Button Card Swap.
I got a few other little crafts worked on.
I also watched my two youngest grandkiddos last nite!

Oh, yes! and I received my Itty Bitty House Book on Sat.!!!! How adorable it is! Bridget did such a beautiful job putting them together and the talented people who took part in this swap are amazing!!

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