Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gettin' Old

OK, so, I'm gettin old! But I don't feel old! I had my 52nd birthday last week and it was so nice.

My sister who has been visiting us left on my birthday, so that part was sad. But we had a nice family dinner with all our grandkids and kids the nite before, and the nite before that too! My sister made me this beautiful sewing machine cover!

Isn't it pretty!!?? I just love it and that she hand embroidered it just for me!! the star on the side she made with pieces my Mom had cut for a quilt before she passed away. So of course that makes it even more special!

My awesome husband got me a weaving loom for my birthday! I was so excited. I have been wanting a loom for so long!!
Here it is--------

----and here it is warped and ready to weave!
I have to take some pics of the rest of my goodies from the kiddos, then I will post them. I was sooo spoiled!!

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Jane said...

Wow That is great!!!!, was it hard to warp??