Thursday, March 11, 2010

Do You Need a Bit of Pretty Today?

Do you need a bit of pretty today? Well, you will get it over at Lola B's blog. I love her blog! It is so pretty and has gorgeous photos. Also, she is haveing a very PRETTY giveaway. So, go over here . Have fun!

I am trying to get over a cold like just about everyone else I know! Woke up Monday morning with a bit of a scratchy throat. Still felt fine otherwise. so I went to the gym and almost finished my workout when I started feeling worn out. should have stopped right then, but of course , I didn't! Ended up putting my back out. Sooooo, the scratchy throat turned into a cold. And between the cold and the back really screwed up my week!

It's my son's birthday Saturday! he is my youngest and he is turning 32!! Yikes! Doesn't seem possible. So, I really want to feel good this weekend so I can celebrate with them.

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