Monday, March 1, 2010

I Love Old Lace and Buttons

I made an impulse stop at one of the local thrift stores a couple of weeks ago (I've been trying to curb my thrift store appetite lately). So, this is what I found. Two of my very favorites. Old lace and old buttons! Yay! I got all this old lace for $3. And there is plenty of it all to actually do something with.
These old buttons, there was a small bag of them, were $1. These are just my favorites out tof the bag. I love these mink ones. Well, don't know if they are actually mink. but they look like some kind of real fur. Aren't they pretty!!

Then I got this complete tatted collar for $1!!! I love it so much! I really want to do something special with it. any ideas? I would love to hear any ideas. I have a bad habit of just hoarding things like this and never putting them to any use.

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